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    You don’t understand how hard I fucking laughed CHOCOLATE MILK SQUIRTED OUT MY NOSE

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    Mario and Toad have this battle of wits game where they point at various cartoon characters that Hana is watching on the tv and say 

    "that’s you."

    ex: Grumpy from Snow White, Pinocchio, the Troll from a Troll in Central Park, etc

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            There’s a certain amount of creativity involved in taking someone else’s character and putting your own spin on them, but writing an OC means building a person—and often the world they live in—entirely from scratch. It takes a special kind of writer to manage that.

            Sure, there are characters out there that have little to no thought put into them, or were made with the intention of playing out the writer’s fantasies. There are also many people who bend the personalities of canon characters completely out of shape. Should they be applauded over a genuinely well-written original character? All canon characters are someone’s OC. Really, it’s not fair that people who write OCs get a bad rap. They’re some of the most talented and creative lot I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Here are three great characters you’re probably not following:


            Mario C Gano is not your typical deliveryman. The wares he transports are of a more mystical, supernatural variety. He himself is a puppet. Well, a man who spends part time as a puppet. He’s a bit of a joker, bit of a jerk, maybe even a bit of a flirt. Always knows how to have a good time. He’s a regular guy—someone you might know from school or work. His surfer/stoner demeanor is ridiculously endearing, or at least charming enough to win Una over: the two have been married for almost a year now. Despite how laidback he can seem, Mario is smarter than he looks and has been through some pretty rough situations, including being turned into a jack-in-the-box by our next character…


            Freydis (Foraedaeist in her native tongue) is a faerie. Never forget that. Never mix her up with a pixie—she feasts on them. Faeries are not always the cute, benevolent little creatures from children’s stories. In simplest terms, Freydis could be considered a femme fatale. She can make your dreams come true, but with one wrong word your worst nightmares may come to life. She’s not all bad though. She has wants and needs like anyone else and she feels them strongly. Biting the hands of those who come near is all she knows how to do.


            Like our faerie, Grey isn’t used to things like “kindness”. By default, he tends toward suspicion. He is insufferable and abrasive, ready to hurl insults at any given moment. All the same, it can be hard to take him seriously. In addition to his small size, the horns on either side of his head made prime fodder for all kinds of jokes. Little wonder he sawed them off. He drinks so much alcohol, it probably isn’t blood flowing through his veins. Even still, he can be entertaining. Arguments don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Whatever you do, just don’t touch his scarf.